Partner Organizations

quiet desires to produce and create events in which art and audience come together in dialogue about social and personal change issues. To promote active change opportunities, quiet works in partnership with various social service organizations throughout the Seattle area. As we progress through our seasons on gender, class, and race, we are seeking partnerships that foster both education and awareness.

Interested in being a partner organization? Send an email to, or through our Contact form!

Check out our partners:

NPARC is committed to ending racism. We act as a forum to share information, resources and best practices, and encourage other non-profits to work together to eliminate institutional racism and understand its connections to all other oppression. A difficult part of the race conversation is understanding that racism still exists. By telling our stories, that can change.
The Bridge Care Center is part of a larger story & community called Quest Church. Quest was planted about nine years ago with a hope and commitment to be a source of light and encouragement to their surrounding neighbors in Seattle. A variety of outreach initiatives and ministries were birthed out of that mission including Quest Justice & Compassion, Global Presence and Quest Community Development (Q Cafe).
Casa Latina's mission is to empower Latino immigrants through educational and economic opportunities.
Real Change exists to provide opportunity and a voice for low-income and homeless people while taking action for economic justice. By meeting people where they are at, Real Change helps homeless and low-income people meet their immediate needs while we work for the structural change that offers longer term solutions to poverty.
Eastside Domestic Violence Program envisions a world in which every person lives in a safe environment, free from oppression and with the opportunity to thrive. Our programs and services are diverse and range from shelters to counseling. Our goal is to support the path of all survivors as they work to be self-sufficient and free from violence.
GLSEN works with educators, policy makers, community leaders and students on the urgent need to address anti-LGBT behavior and bias in schools. GLSEN strives to protect students from bullying and harassment, to empower principals to make their schools safer, and to build the skills of educators to teach respect for all people.
The Northwest Men's Project works with youth and adults to build and support positive masculinities, and to change beliefs, behaviors and policies that perpetuate violent masculinities. By nurturing masculinities that embrace strength, respect and honor without being violent, harmful or dominating, we can create safer communities, more engaged youth, and healthier futures.