Poetry Workshop

Second Wednesday of Every Month
7:00PM - 8:30PM
Facilitator: Jason Lovato
Capacity: 10 Max
Cederberg Tea House
1417 Queen Anne Ave N
Seattle, WA 98109

RSVP three days before the quiet Workshop and you will be invited to join the quiet Poetry Dropbox; you can place three poems to be workshopped in there. Participants will be expected to print, read, and mark thoughts on other writer's poems (remember, three positive comments and then the suggestions). We will read aloud and do an active workshop on at least one poem as a group with the others being handed to the Poet before we leave (if we have time, we'll read more). If you don't RSVP before the Dropbox deadline, you can bring a couple poems: we'll read, listen, and workshop; be sure to bring enough copies of the poem for everyone (I'll let you know how many).

Is this your first workshop? Don't worry, we will guide you through the process. It is a great way to engage with other writers while moving through the revision process on your own poetry!